AIRFRESH: Air pollution removal by urban forests for a better human well-being


Urban reforestation, e.g. by increasing the tree density in cities, and peri-urban reforestation near densely populated cities where it is not easy to plant trees, can help improve air quality in cities. As large-scale reforestation is not feasible within a project, a test area will be implemented in Aix-en-Provence and Florence as front-runner cities and living labs.

AIRFRESH aims to:
  • Estimate the air pollution (PM, NO2, CO2 and O3) removal capacity by urban trees and shrubs by a reforested test area in both cities.
  • Estimate and quantify the environmental and health benefits provided by a new reforested test area.
  • Propose recommendations for reforestation policies (e.g. number and type of tree species to be planted) for attainment of the legislative air quality standards in both cities.

Our findings will be translated into a guidebook to support urban policies for sustainable city planning (local urban masterplan) and to make choices for "greening up" the environment to improve citizens’ well-being.